2 Million

People Have Made The Switch

To A New American Based Store

NOW we can VOTE with our dollars, we can take our money away from the few conglomerates that produce almost all of the producs that we buy every month!

We have been supporting these companies and the Big-Box stores that sell their producs. It is our duty to switch away from their agenda and their practices.

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We must switch away from these conglomerates

And what they represent!

These giant corporations spend their money on marketing, campaigns, and retail in large box stores, NONE of which are of any benefit to the consumer. Why not switch to a company that invests their money into better, safer ingredients for your household, all while supporting American freedom?

We Only

Found "One"

______ North American Manufacturer That Meets Our Criteria:

✔ Great Products

✔ Family Owned

Great Pricing

✔ Products made in the United States

✔ Great Customer Service

✔ Does not affect the small guy

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